Next year’s Available Car Derby 10 Mile race will be at 10am on Sunday 20th November 2022.

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Cost of entries

The cost of online entries are as follows:

ONLINE ENTRIESSTANDARD ENTRIES - 14th Nov 2021 - 9th Oct 2022LATE ENTRIES - 10th - 26th Oct 2022
Derby 10 Mile UKA Affiliated Entry£21.00£23.00
Derby 10 Mile UKA Unaffiliated Entry£23.00£25.00
Midland Counties Athletics Association 10 Mile Championships£23.00£25.00

For an individual entry, race packs can be collected on the day at no extra charge or posted out to you in the week prior to race day for a cost of £2.00.

Championship Entries

Midland Counties Athletics Association Road Race 10k Championships

Eligibility for entering the Midland Counties Athletics Association Road Race 10k Championships requires club affiliated runners to have been born in the Midlands or have been resident in area for at least 9 months or based in the area as a member of H. M. Forces before the date of the Championships. Please visit for a list of eligible counties.  Runners entering the Midland Counties Athletics Association Road Race 10k Championships are required to compete in a club vest.

Entering the Championships

If you have entered with a standard individual entry or have purchased a Race Package and wish to enter the Championship, you can do so using the Championship Upgrade option. Please contact us if you have any queries about the championship entries.

Closing Dates

  • Online Entries – Wednesday 26th October 2022 at midnight, or when race limit reached
  • No on-the-day entries accepted

We recommend that you read the race information and the terms and conditions before you enter.


To apply for a Derby 10 Mile transfer of your race number to a friend or family member, please contact us during the transfer window of 6th-20th October 2022 with your name and the name and email address of the new entrant that you wish for your entry to be transferred to. We also need to know whether they are affiliated to a running club so that we can factor in any addition unaffiliated fees if applicable. Transfer requests must be sent by the existing entrant. Transfer requests must only be sent between 6th-20th October 2022 during which all transfers will be processed and confirmed by email. The whole transfer process must be completed by 5pm on Thursday 20th October 2022. There is a £3.00 administration fee, plus any additional unaffiliated fees, which are payable online by the transfer deadline. New entrants must agree to the terms and conditions before taking the transfer.

Future Events

Future Derby 10 Mile events will take place on the following dates:

  • Sunday 19th November 2023
  • Sunday 17th November 2024