Please find below the details for your role at the Derby 10 Mile on Sunday 12th November.

You are in Zone: Drink Station 2 or Zone 2 or Zone 3

Please sign in with:

Volunteer Coordinator: Julie Barker : Mobile – 07944 111190

Venue: Pride Park Stadium Players’ Lounge

Click here for the directions to the nearest Car Park and where to sign in/Players Lounge

Time: 09;00

Mini Bus leaves at 09:15

You will be issued a hi viz vest and refreshments.

Meet your Team Leader: Stephen Rose at the drinks station

Outbound and Inbound role

In some areas the race may pass you twice depending where you are allocated on the course. If this is the case, you will be given an outbound role and an inbound role. Your zone leader will inform you of your exact locations when you meet them on the day.

When the runners have passed inbound towards the Pride Park Stadium, the sweep cyclist will pass to signify the last runner has gone through. Please do not stand down or leave the area. Your zone leader will give further instructions to help take down any infrastructure and clear the area.

Please give as much time as possible after the race to help take down and pack away. After your zone leader has stood you down in your zone, there may still be quite a lot of jobs left at the Pride Park Stadium. Many hands make light work and we can all get home quicker if we spend 15/30 minutes helping.

Please return your hi viz vest to the volunteer coordinator when all the post race jobs have been completed and you have signed out.  You will be issued with a T-shirt voucher which you can redeem after 1.40pm and a certificate of hours if you have requested one from the volunteer coordinator.

Head phones and mobiles

Please ensure you have plenty of battery life just in case you need to be contacted or you need to contact your zone leader in an emergency.

We appreciate there will be some standing around time and we all like to keep in touch with our friends. However, from 11am please give your full attention and support for the runners and give them lots of encouragement. You may be the last person they see for a few hundred meters it will be nice to make them feel supported and confident. However, when possible and when not effecting your duties, we do encourage you to take plenty of fun and positive photos of all the volunteers and runners in action at the location you are in and post them on Facebook and Twitter before and after the race or send them to We spend a year planning the event and unfortunately we do not get to see most of it so your photos will be really appreciated.

Wrap up warm

We strongly recommend that you wear layers of clothing and bring waterproofs/ warm coat, along with hat scarf and gloves. There will be some walking to do. Suitable footwear is essential to keep your feet warm and dry. A back pack will be handy to carry your waterproofs and snacks. Please remember how cold it gets in November and you may feel even colder standing around. Layer your clothes especially your socks to insulate your body.


Please be patient and if you experience any problems please give us your constructive feedback and suggestions so we can improve your experience next year. We pride ourselves with delivering quality races not just for the runners but for the Race Crew too. You are on the front line and it is you who actually make this race happen.  If you have had a good experience we also want to hear from you. Please fill in a feedback form on the day or email if you don’t get chance.

We look forward to seeing you on race day

Kind regards

Julie Barker

Volunteer Coordinator